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Fanes - Rhodes island


The village
The village is located about 22 km southwest of the capital, on the west coast of Rhodes. It has 895 inhabitants, of whom the elders involved in agriculture and animal husbandry while the younger with the tourist sector. Argued that got its name either from the lamp, the lighthouse was in the area, or the Temple of Apollo Fana area, or even from an obscure kind of grass that grew in the region.
The village of colors
With initiative and inspiration of designer Luca Nikolitsa, (member of the owning family hotel Dolphin), who with the help of his new village within a few spring days in 2011 enriched and painted with colorful designs 72 village houses.
The village of Fanes has been painted and transformed into an incredibly beautiful village, with colorful houses and streets that anyone who visits feels that enters the world of fairy tales. Experience the romance and color have been reaped by locals and anyone visiting the village of colors,  leaves unaffected their inner world. The people were happier, more hospitable and good morning became meaningful value.
An incredible change that gave color to the village and the souls of men.
The beach
The small beach next to small and picturesque port of some at the beach and the port you can enjoy fine dining in seaside taverns and especially fresh and delicious fish.
The beach is secluded and provides you peace of mind when you rejoice in the clean sea swim, or enjoying the sun and play with your own.

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