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Colors and hospitality is what you find in our souls ...and they are all yours at Delfini Hotel in front of the deep blue..

The Delfini Hotel is a small hotel in the seaside village of Fanes Rhodes. The sandy beach of Fanes is famous for its kite surfing and every year thousands of fans of kite surfing come to enjoy.
Delfini is more than a simple hotel in Rhodes, offers family accommodation with the traditional Greek way that is perceived by the first entry of visitors in hotel.

The kite surfing is not just a sport but also a kind of art, which inspired the creator of the hotel' s site, leaving the colors fill the garden and the inner world of the guests

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The inspiration by Loukas Nikolitsis

Lukas Nikolitsis is one of the members of the owning family Nikolitsis. A designer with years of residence abroad working as a designer and architect. Returning to his homeland transformed his family's hotel, into a colorful paradise.
Fanes the village of colors in Rhodes

The village Fanes has been painted and transformed into an incredibly beautiful village, with colorful houses and streets that whoever visits feels that enters the world of fairy tales.
Kite surfing in Rhodes

The kite surfing at fanes beach is very popular and thousands of visitors come to "fly" over the waves. The conditions here are particularly favorable for beginners level through advanced levels of difficulty.
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